12 songs. 2015 edition.

So. Last year. Widge asked if Rob and I would each come up a 12 song playlist of stuff we wanted folk to hear RIGHT NOW, for a giveaway at panels.

Well. That didn’t happen. For reasons.
So. This Year. No prompting. Doing it anyway. Sending it to everyone. Isn’t technology wonderful? Enjoy.
If any of this audio strikes your fancy, check out ‪#‎randomizer‬ . New stuff, old stuff I found in a in a corner, and a few things that get stuck in my head. Happens every two weeks. Or so.

Dragon Con 2015 Happenings

For those of you not aware, Dragon Con is a social experiment where College Football fans are air dropped into a Science Fiction / Pop Culture Convention armed only with a bootleg DVD of season 2 of The Big Bang Theory and forced to survive. You know, for science. ESPN pays good money for these stats, you know.

Once that fun wears off, however, there is actual programming happening- some of which this author will be involved in.

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