DragonCon 2013: The Panelings

With DragonCon 2013 approaching, the panel schedules have been released.

It goes without saying these times are tentative. Times may be changed, panelists may be kidnapped by the NSA,  or everyone regenerates. You never know.

But assuming that doesn’t happen, here’s I’m up to this year:

Friday, Aug 30th

1PM-Make the Bad Men Stop Part One  / X-Track / Marriot M106-M107

Need Coffee kicks off your con by letting you know all the new and ‘improved’ ways Hollywood is destroying the things you hold dear.  Featuring: The Need Coffee Staff

2:30 PM- Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: X-Files or Dragnet? / X-Track/ Marriot M106-M107

What can we expect from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? How does it fit into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe? How is Coulson not dead? How is Joss’ new show not going to be killed by NCIS? Come speculate in a rampant manner with us. Or our life model decoys. Featuring: Jon Boutelle / Kim / Leigh / Tuffley

4PM-Need Coffee vs Sherlock / Brit Track / Sheraton Macon

As the BBC prepares to bring another batch of Sherlock back to our screens, the Need Coffee crew takes a look at Stephen Moffat and Mark Gattis’ reinterpretation of the famed detective. Featuring: The Need Coffee Staff

8:30pm Need Coffee Presents: Your Weekend Justice Show of Shows / X-Track / Hyatt Regency V

It’s podcast + a bunch of game shows+surprises+prizes. It’s just like how we normally do WEJ, only without Skype. And the distance.  There may be Rock Lobster. Featuring: EVERYONE


Saturday, Aug 31st

7PM Person of Interest: Fiction or Fact? / X-Track / Marriot M106-M107

The NSA spoiled our panel, to be honest. It’s OK though-we’ll do our best to explore the world of Person of Interest  and see what’s ahead for Team Machine. Featuring: Tuffley / Kim


Sunday, Sept 1st

11:30am Brit Pop / Brit Track / Sheraton Macon

Our annual look at the UK music scene. Morrissey has already canceled. Sorry about that.  Featuring: Aaron Poole / Widget Walls / Rob Levy / Kim / Tuffley

5:30pm Need Coffee vs the Whoniverse/ Brit Track / Hilton Crystal Ballroom

We take a good hard look back at Series 7, get you ready for the 50th Anniversary, and prepare you for the change to come. Featuring: The Need Coffee Staff

Monday Sept 2nd

3PM Make the Bad Men Stop: Sequelerest

We end the con with another look at the properties Hollywood is grinding beyond recognition. Featuring : Everyone who has survived