Dragon Con 2015 Happenings

For those of you not aware, Dragon Con is a social experiment where College Football fans are air dropped into a Science Fiction / Pop Culture Convention armed only with a bootleg DVD of season 2 of The Big Bang Theory and forced to survive. You know, for science. ESPN pays good money for these stats, you know.

Once that fun wears off, however, there is actual programming happening- some of which this author will be involved in.

Please note that all times are tentative and can be rewritten. Allegedly.

Friday. It Begins.

1 PM – Make Bad Men Stop (part one) / X-Track (Marriott M106-M107

This is basically the best way to start your con experience, as pretty much everyone from Need Coffee talking about the current and future crop of media apdaptations of everything you have ever loved and held dear. Yes, there really is a PEZ Movie in production. 

2:30 PM- Brit Pop: David Bowie / Brit Track (Sheraton Macon)

One of the cool things about Dragon Con is the diversity of the programming. For example, I’m usually part of the Brit Pop panels- where we’ve  previously discussed new and emerging music coming out of the UK. But, since all the old bands reunited this year, we’re doing something a little different.

Inspired in part by the recent David Bowie Is.. exhibits, we’re going to be talking about Bowie’s influence on music and pop culture at large.

8:30 PM- Black Mirror / Brit Track (Sheraton Macon)

A panel discussing Charlie Brooker’s anthology series on the possible sides effects of the future.   Appropriately held after dark.

Saturday. The Second Day.


1 PM- Need Coffee Vs. The Whoniverse / Brit Track (Hilton Crystal Ballroom)

Doctor Who and it’s related shows.

8:30 PM- The Need Coffee Fun Fest (Hyatt Regency V)

GAMES! PRIZES! VAGUE ATTEMPTS AT COMEDY! It’s like the Weekend Justice Podcast. Except for your eyes. And shorter. Did we mention prizes?

SUNDAY. The Day Of Rest.

Assuming the author survives the Fun Fest, he has somehow devised getting the day off.  This is the day he will go see other people doing panels. Other People Doing Panels have been warned.

Monday. Yes, this thing is still going.

2:30 PM- Make the Bad Men Stop (part two) / X-Track (Marriott M106-M107)

The shocking season finale. We meet back where we started to compare notes, and probably kick Fantastic Four around a few more times…

For additional details and updates- be sure to check Need Coffee and the Dragon Con app. I will also be doing whatever Social Media disruptions I tend to do at these things, so be vigilant.