Just Like Starting Over

Welcome back to From Somewhere, a blog objectively about Pop Culture in all its various guises and varieties.

From Somewhere originally existed as a free form pop culture commentary column in a long buried free arts magazine (Stuff) distributed in the Huntsville / Florence Alabama area.

Additionally, I do remember interviewing The Smashing Pumpkins (before they broke up the first time) and KISS (when the original makeup lineup reunited, before the first retirement). Not surprisingly- the mag flamed out because the internet happened.

And I also remember not getting paid for any of it. Ah, how the world changes and yet in some ways remains unchanged. It’s a constant comfort.

Ahem. The Internet.

From Somewhere’s internet debut came in 1999 with the launch of the Randomwerks site. This incarnation of FS survived through a slew of many failed/ too beautiful to live aRw conceptual media experiments (Streaming Live Dj’d free form radio station, Serial Fiction, Collaborative Fictional Universes) before I decided to get go out and a get a life. And then decided to bury my 20’s. As one does.

Other blog / columns were attempted to differentiate FS as an article of a certain period separate from whatever the current cycle was, and also from things of mine that appeared elsewhere.

Also, Social Media Happened. It’s just like blogging, except less coherent and all at once- all the time. And while I’ve become sort of a talking head (podcasts! conventions!), I miss the process of hearing myself think. Seeing my own homework in a presentational way.

And, if anything, From Somewhere has always been whatever I said it was. So Right Now, it’s this. The thinking out loud in my own space, without the necessity of wrapping it up for time. Or Character limits.

So, hello again. Hope you like.